Alberta Coyote & Wolf Hunting

Predators are very abundant throughout Alberta, from yipping coyotes to the deep howls of the grey wolves. There is nothing more chilling than hearing a howl echo through the timber as you wait for your opportunity. Our Alberta Coyote hunts are generally fast-paced and action packed with 100% shot opportunity. We do our wolf and coyote hunting over baits in heated stands as well as calling. Timber wolves are a prized trophy and are by nature, extremely elusive.

Alberta wolf hunting is one of North America’s most challenging and rewarding hunting experiences. The mature wolves from this area have skulls in the 17-18" range and can weigh well over 100lb. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy. There is an extremely high population of wolf and coyotes with no limits on the number you can harvest.

Hunt DescriptionCost (USD)
4-Day Coyote Hunt1,800.00/Hunter
5-Day Wolf Hunt1,800.00/Hunter
Wolf Trophy Fee$1,000.00
Season Dates
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